Linking personal goal plans with services

A person's My Better Life plan® helps guide which individual and group activities will support achievement of their personal goals within a model of care that is built to address the 12 life domains important to health, quality of life and wellbeing.

The model of care may vary for different service types, such as longer-term residential compared to short-term interventions, but they generally share a focus on:

  • improved mental health and wellbeing
  • a safe and managed return to school, training or employment
  • sleep hygiene and the establishment of healthy daily and weekly routines
  • information and the skills to recognise and manage early warning signs
  • improved self-confidence and self-regard, through feeling heard and understood
  • increased positive connection to others and reduced isolation
  • improved relationships with those who are close and important to them, as well as other natural community supports
  • skills to maintain and increase personal safety
  • practical skills such as meal planning, budgeting and cooking
  • tools and information to improve physical health: healthy eating, exercise, access to primary health care in their community of choice, and
  • community connections with targeted and universal services.

Group activities have a therapeutic frame and are delivered under the award-winning Mind Recovery College™ banner. Courses are a mix of psycho-education; life skills training; tools and information to improve physical health such as healthy eating, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol use; opportunities for creative expression; adventure and outdoor education; parenting support; and informal social activities to promote social skills, better interpersonal relationships and family connections. There are also specialist topics on issues relevant to particular groups of clients, such as gender re-assignment or eating disorders.

A person's My Better Life® plan helps guide which individual and group activities will support achievement of their personal goals.